Friday, April 9, 2010


Dr. Chris says that the best investment you can make is in human lives. I agree. However, I’ve struggled a LOT this week with investing in my dog’s life. For ten years Mark and I have had two small dogs who provided us with love, laughter, and regular walks. Cinnamon, our 12-year-old cockapoo, was losing her sight and hearing, and had a tumor that was stealing her healthy cells. Rather than invest in surgery, we chose to euthanize her in December. VERY painful experience.

We’re left with our nearly 10-year-old silky terrier Toby, who is a vibrant, non-stop, ball-fetchin’ machine. He’s been a true comfort for our mental health since we lost Cinny. We learned this week that he needs to have an expensive surgery for a bladder stone that won’t dissolve on its own. The option is to pay for surgery to have it removed, or wait for the stone to get lodged and end his life. What to do? How can we justify spending that money on a dog when our Nigerian family needs the money?

Thanks to MUCH prayer (and a Godsend – tax refund) we feel good about our decision. Toby is at the vet for surgery today, and we’re going to send an equal amount to Faith Alive. Thank you, God, for the win-win.

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