Wednesday, October 20, 2010

God's Purpose for Man

Rick Warren isn’t the only pastor with something to say about man’s purpose. Pastor Ben also has a few insights. Regarding Faith Alive’s spiritual theme for October, “God’s Purpose for Man,” he says that Genesis 1, 2 and 3 can be summarized into one basic truth but divided into three main inter-related levels. It’s all about RELATIONSHIPS: man with man, man with other creatures, and man with God.

“The whole scenario,” says Pastor Ben, “is as if God called to man and said, ‘Now that I have made you, I am stopping here. I am taking my rest; now continue from where I stopped. I gave you my likeness and spirit so you can represent me. Relate well with my creation and display my glory. Do what I have commanded you to do with them. And then in the evening, return to fellowship with me. Come back to tell me how it went and I will tell and teach you more. I don’t want your activities in my garden to keep you away from fellowship with me. For this reason, I have made night so I can have you with me. At this time you are to be with me, give account of your activities, and appreciate me for all I have done. Then I will give you more strength to continue in my service.’”

Happy ending? Not quite. Tomorrow I’ll post more of Pastor Ben’s wisdom that’s being shared in October during Faith Alive's morning and afternoon devotions with patients and staff.

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