Friday, October 15, 2010

Cross-Cultural Books

As long as I'm sharing helpful resources this week, I'd like to recommend a few more. I read Cross-Cultural Servanthood: Serving the World in Christlike Humility before my first trip to Nigeria. Author Duane Elmer, Professor of International Studies at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois, has great pearls of wisdom; I underlined something on nearly every page. The first thing I starred is that "Good intentions are insufficient when entering another culture. We must also be equipped with the knowledge and competencies to function skillfully."

This book encouraged me to develop long-term relationships and not be a monkey or have donkey ears. Intrigued? Click here to buy the book. (I don't receive any kickbacks. Honestly.) Thumbing through it again makes me want to read his other books, Cross-Cultural Connections and Cross-Cultural Conflict.

Watch my future posts for reviews of two other books that address the complexities of money and mission: Cross-Cultural Partnerships by Mary T. Lederleitner and African Friends and Money Matters by David Maranz.

Does anyone have other recommendations?

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