Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ride of Your Life

Whenever people tell me how great I am for helping 4-year-old little Chris get heart surgery, I have to be honest. It's really God that made it happen, and I had the pure joy of being part of His plan. There were days along this journey that I cried out to God because I had no earthly idea what the next step would be or how we could possibly go forward. Find a doctor and hospital to do free or reduced-cost quality surgery? I can't count the number of possible leads and then disappointing rejections. Hopes raised and then hopes dashed. Raise $10,000? You mean I have to ask my friends and family to take a risk on a surgery that might not work? But step by step, God guided my path and provided a way. And he guided the doctors and surgeons and strengthened little Chris's body to successfully accept the surgery. I'm truly in awe of God and thankful that He heard our prayers and answered favorably.

So when people start to thank me, I encourage them to join God on a mission and see for themselves. Look for where God is working, say "Yes, I'll do what it takes," and then trust and obey Him. Oh, and put on your seat belt. You're in for the ride of your life.

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