Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogging Hint: Red Words

Welcome to my blog. I realize that some of you are my regular readers (thanks!) and others are occasional or first-timers. Recently I asked one of my writers' groups to give me their feedback about this blog. Their praise (photos/graphics and variety of topics about Nigeria and Faith Alive) and input (express more of my emotion/passion for Faith Alive) were helpful. They also suggested that I provide background information for new readers who might not know the people or topics I discuss. They didn't realize that they can click on any word I post in red for more information. If that's also news to you, feel free to try it now. Click on these red words to learn more about some of my favorite topics: Faith Alive Hospital or Little Chris.

Today's graphic is from the (RED) campaign that's "designed to help eliminate AIDS in Africa."

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