Friday, October 8, 2010

Proper Burials

“In Loving Memory of a Faith Alive Family Member.” These words are on the tombstone of a 36-year-old man abandoned at Faith Alive last November by his parents. He died a few weeks later, and the staff decided to give him an honorable burial. Dr. Chris says, “We believe God made all of us in His image and should get the best, especially SALVATION.” They arranged to immediately bury the man on some donated farmland. With no pastor available, Dr. Chris officiated the graveside service.

They now need a tombstone for Grace. Probably not her real name, but fitting nonetheless, she was also abandoned at Faith Alive and died of AIDS complications. After unsuccessful attempts to identify this woman’s friends and relations, the police gave Faith Alive permission to bury her at what is now the Faith Alive Burial Grounds. This time, Pastor Ben was available to usher her into the future.

(Tombstone photo is for the man, other photos are for the woman.)

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