Friday, October 22, 2010

Man's Purpose--Part III

Like Psalm 139 (what my sister likens to the children's book, The Runaway Bunny), God relentlessly pursues us. He wants to restore us to himself and to our original purpose. As Pastor Ben at Faith Alive says, "To return man to this purpose became a core issue in the heart of God since the fall of man. God sent his voice to direct and bring man to himself. It failed. He sent angels to man for this purpose. It failed. He changed the approach and began to use man to call man. It failed. It came to the point that God resolved that he has used every other means, and yet man did not return to the purpose. He will come to man by himself. Since man was no more looking for Him, He would look for man. And so He came as Jesus, in the form of man, calling men from sea to sea, city to city. From valleys and from mountains He went calling both the small and big, the poor and the rich, the fool, the unlearned, the lame and the blind, saying, 'Follow me. I will make you, I will give you rest. I will return you to that fundamental purpose you lost in disobedience. Here am I. Come and have that sweet fellowship you lost along the way.'

"This month," Pastor Ben continues, "we extend this call to man to return to that original purpose that he was created--in the image and likeness of God, for preserving lives, multiplying the image of God, making the creation beautiful and great. The purpose of having an unending fellowship and devotion with God his maker. RETURN TO THE PURPOSE YOU WERE CREATED FOR TODAY. IT IS MY PRAYER THAT WE ENTER, LIVE, AND MOVE IN THAT PURPOSE TODAY."

Thanks for your wise reminder, Pastor Ben. May we stop playing hide-and-seek with God, enjoy His welcome embrace, and let Him lead us in the way everlasting.

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