Friday, July 30, 2010

Prayer Points

There are two main ways that you can help save little Chris's life: PRAY and DONATE (money through Hope for West Africa or airline miles on Emirates Airlines). Daddy Daniel has some specific prayer points:

1. Pray for the success of the surgery.
2. Pray for the safe trip back and fro.
3. Pray for the success of all the processes involved. (*Erika's note: this includes raising enough funds!)
4. Pray for God to bless all the families of those that pray for us and/or donate their money toward the heart surgery.
5. Pray over the doctors that will do the surgery, that God will give them more wisdom to avoid any mistakes.
6. Pray for my family in the U.S. (Erika and family), that God will guide them in all their endeavors.
7. Pray for my Nigerian family, that God will keep them well and happy.
8. Pray for Faith Alive and Heart Aid International for their support to see this surgery take place. (*Erika’s note: Heart Aid is the Nigerian non-profit that linked us to the doctor in India).
9. Pray that God will progress my family in all areas of our endeavors and make us serve GOD with all our hearts no matter the circumstances around us.

We know that our fundraising goal of $10,000 is big, but our God is even bigger. Let's see what He will do.

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