Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Weekends

Elim Elementary School Headmistress Kate Clement has always dreamed of opening an orphanage. In the meantime, she's started a weekend shelter for some of the school's OVCs (orphans and vulnerable children). Each Friday she selects eight children (four boys and four girls) and two teachers to go to an apartment in a relatively safe area of Jos. They spend quality family time together until Monday morning when she transports them back to Elim.

The weekend includes devotions, songs, games, dramas, exercises, meals, and siestas. It's so much fun that the children don't even mind helping with small domestic chores! They actually enjoy their time away so much that the non-OVC Elim students want to be part of the next selected group. But for now at least, the wonderful weekends are reserved for the OVCs.

Please let me know if you'd like to donate to Kate's costs for the weekend meals and transportation. She also very much appreciates prayers!

(Kate sent this photo. The woman in the middle who looks like a model is Kate's beautiful daughter. She's also a teacher at Elim.)

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