Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Little Chris Update

Many of you have asked about little Chris and our quest to get surgery for his fragile three-year-old heart. We’re so grateful to a number of doctors and supporters in the United States who have tried to secure free medical care here. Unfortunately, no hospital wants to take on the high cost of little Chris’s complicated heart condition.

The best option at this point is to send him to India for an evaluation and surgery, where medical costs are a small fraction of those in the United States. With the help of little Chris’s Nigerian doctors, I’ve talked with a surgeon in India who can do an evaluative procedure and surgery. This option is especially good because these Nigerian doctors have worked with Indian doctors before and they can collaborate directly.

The next steps are to finalize the channels for donations, send out fundraising letters, and then see what God will do. Please pray for this process and for little Chris’s heart to keep pumping while we go through these steps. We’re grateful to God that He’s brought together a compassionate group of people to stand for this precious little boy.

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