Friday, July 9, 2010


This morning I was facebook chatting with little Chris's dad Daniel when I went offline. Hmmm. I restarted my laptop and tried to get online. Nothing. Nada. It wasn't until I went upstairs to check my wireless router that it dawned on me. No power. So I called the local electric company. A friendly woman said she was aware of the outage and had already sent repairmen on their way to fix the problem. Within thirty minutes, I was back in business.

It's probably only the second or third time in the past ten years that our house has been without power. When I talked later with Daniel about this, he couldn't believe it. Nigerians' electricity goes off at least that many times a DAY (if it's even on at all). The only way to truly imagine how they live, short of going there, is to try going without electricity for a week. Even then it will only be a taste.

I pray that Nigerians take heart. While their government might not give them electrical power, they still have God's power. And if I could only have one of the two, I think I'd chose God's.

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