Monday, August 2, 2010

Hope Feeds

Marian Rone and Nanci Sebeniecher work to feed malnourished people in Africa through Hope Feeds, so it was a real honor to feed these two women at my home this weekend. Marian (from Oakland) and Nanci (from Baltimore) came to Fort Collins for a few days to talk about manufacturing and distributing vitamin-laden peanut butter in Africa to severely malnourished people. Hope Feeds has projects in three locations, one of which is at Faith Alive. Another project (and the reason for this specific visit to Fort Collins) is in Liberia where other members of our church are involved.

Nanci is also a Save-A-Life sponsor to a wonderful man. She said that when she met him in Nigeria a few years ago, he held up a sign that read something like, “Thank you so much. You have saved my life.” We had the joy of calling him (yes, I do have a few phone numbers for SAL patients that I know really well) and greeting him and his family. Normally a quiet man, I could hear his ecstatic shouts of greeting to Nanci! I can only imagine that his family was singing and dancing after they hung up. Their conversation might’ve ended, but their relationship lives on.

Thank you, Marian and Nanci, for feeding people physically and emotionally.

(Photo taken on my front porch. Marian is in green, and Nanci is holding a cup of her java fuel.)

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