Monday, July 12, 2010

President on Facebook

Who has a new facebook account, 75,000 “fans,” and a developing country to lead? Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan. He made a promise on May 15, 2010 to students and facility at the University of Port Harcourt to create a facebook fan page to communicate with his people. His first post on June 28 states, “...there is an unchallengeable power of good in the Nigerian nation and her youth and through this medium I want Nigerians to give me the privilege of relating with them without the trappings of the office.”

Apparently the President is listening to his fans and has already reversed a presidential decision. “I read your comments and took them into account in the government’s decision to rescind the suspension of Nigeria from International Football,” he said in his July 5 post. He had originally banned the Super Eagles after their loss in the first round of World Cup play.

My favorite post of his so far is this one on July 7. “We must be hopeful about the future. Our history has shown that Nigerians have a strong can-do-attitude and are capable of winning even in the face of very difficult circumstances.” Apparently over 109,000 of his fans also “liked” this.

You don’t have to be on facebook to follow his posts. Just click

(This is his facebook photo.)

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