Monday, June 14, 2010

Watching Enyeama and Onyewu

Try saying those names really fast ten times in a row, and it'll sound like yeyeyeye. Anyway, these Nigerian players are the ones I'm watching in the World Cup because they're from Nigeria. Sure, there's an entire team playing for the Nigerian Super Eagles, but only one is a standout--super goalie Vincent Enyeama. His superior play on Saturday against Argentina held them to just 1-0. The damage would've been far worse without him.

Oguchialu Onyewu is a Nigerian who plays for the United States. While his teammates call him Gooch, his full first name means "God fights for me." He got his father's athleticism; his dad used to play soccer in Nigeria.

My son Austin will be wearing his green Super Eagles jersey on Thursday for Nigeria's match against Greece before he dons his red, white and blue on Friday for the U.S. versus Slovenia game.

(Photos: Enyeama is wearing the yellow goalie jersey, and Onyewu is in white.)

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