Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Vuvuzelas and Generators

In a little over an hour, the Super Eagles will play South Korea in their last game of first round play at the World Cup in South Africa. After two losses, it’s amazing that Nigeria still has a shot at advancing. But Nigerians are used to last chances and, dare I say, miracles.

They’re also used to a lot of background noise. While officials claim the vuvuzelas drown out their sideline instructions, the players have trouble hearing the referee’s whistles, and the spectators are annoyed by the buzz, Nigerians aren’t so bothered.

Why not? Because they’re used to noise. A cacophony of generators is constantly groaning in the background of their lives. Sylva Nze ifedigbo says of vuvuzelas at the World Cup, “So it’s no surprise that Nigerians aren’t complaining. Indeed they should be enjoying it. In fact, it should sound like sweet music to their ears. If all they have to worry about in the one month they are in South Africa is the noise from a pipe then they will sure prefer to relive it again and again. With steady power, good roads, trains that move, and a history so rich, who should be complaining of vuvuzelas?” Click here to read his complete article.

In the meantime, I’m putting on my green and white to watch the Super Eagles and listen to the buzz.

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