Monday, June 7, 2010

Three More for the Army

Growing up with a pacifist Mennonite heritage, I never much liked military terms. But for some reason, I think the army analogy is fitting. God is bringing together a variety of people to fight for something bigger than themselves--a little boy's life.

Just since Friday, I've talked with a compassionate minister who lived on my block when I was five years old and knows a kind philanthropist looking for something like this to support. Also, a fellow Victim Advocate in town knows a prominent pediatric cardiologist in New York she's contacting, and a young woman leader of a foundation that's successfully secured surgery for other young Nigerian heart patients has joined our efforts. Praise God, they are ready to take up arms on little Chris's behalf. Well, okay, not arms per se, but fingers to call and email their contacts, and hearts to care. Long shots? Maybe. But maybe not.

I'm ashamed to say that on Friday I did lose hope that our great God would provide. But as Daniel, little Chris's dad, reminds me, "Delay does not mean denial." Also, Dr. Chris says that God will provide IN HIS TIME.

Would you please let me know if you have any ties with pediatric cardiologists, their hospitals, or people who might be moved to share their monetary wealth for a great cause?

Let's see what God will do and who He will bring to join us in this fight for little Chris's life.

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