Friday, June 4, 2010

Gathering an Army for Little Chris

Please help!!!!! We just learned today that little Chris, our precious three-year-old Nigerian boy, will not get lifesaving heart surgery in Uganda as we had hoped. If you have ANY leads or connections with any pediatric cardiologists, please let me know. The odds of being helped by Gift of Life International are very slim and we need new doors to open. GOLI's director, Rob, has worked very hard to help us but just today heard from a surgeon that little Chris may need more than one surgery. The docs and hospitals that GOLI work with shy away from complicated medical cases that they offer for free.

Surely there is a doc and a hospital that want to literally save a little boy's life. We need to pray with extra fervor and build an army of people actively advocating for little Chris. Will you please join us?

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