Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Party

Last weekend, our family had the honor of hosting a small 40th birthday party for our Nigerian friend Debbie Gyang who lives in Fort Collins. She's only had one other birthday party in her life. Ours included dinner, chocolate cake, and a couple of little gifts and cards that her two-year-old daughter Teyei "helped" open. "It's my birthday," Teyei kept saying. I don't think she ever realized, or even cared, that we were celebrating her mom. Maybe that's part of the Nigerian family culture, versus our independent one, to identify so closely with your family members?

I wish I could host a birthday party for each of my Nigerian friends. Instead, I'll have to close my eyes and imagine singing, dancing, and celebrating their birthdays.

Here's to another year of life for us all, and for a victory (hopefully) for the Nigerian Super Eagles in their World Cup game today!

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