Friday, October 23, 2009

From Victim to Victor

I’m on a quest to hear how people have gone from being a victim to being a victor. This week I went to a conference for Victims Advocates (I’m one with our local police department) and heard from a number of people who’ve turned their traumas into triumphs. They‘ve redeemed their traumas by using what they learned to help others in similar situations.

It made me think of some of my dear friends in Nigeria who’ve done the same thing. It’s been a long process for them, but they share a few things in common. All were surrounded by people who believed in them. All leaned into their faith in Jesus Christ to transform deaths into resurrections. And the hardest thing of all -- they all (eventually) forgave their oppressors.

I invite you to weigh in on this – any thoughts about moving from victim to victor?

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