Thursday, October 22, 2009

Appreciating Water

Did you use any water today, and did you think about how you got it? If you’re in America, you simply turned on a tap to brush your teeth, wash your face, flush the toilet, make some coffee or tea or just drink it plain, take a shower, wash a load of clothes, water your plants, etc... If you’re in Nigeria, chances are high that first thing this morning you or a family member first took a few buckets outside to GET the water. If you’re fortunate, you got it from a well. If you’re not, you walked a ways to a muddy, infested stream that’s also used for sewage.

When I’m in Nigeria, I’m thankful for those who buy bottled water for us to drink and brush our teeth, and daily fetch water from the well just outside our apartment. If it's a cold day, we boil our water on a gas stove for a comfortable bucket bath or steaming cup of tea. We resourcefully use one bucket of water for our bath, and then wash our clothes with it before using it to force-flush the toilet. There isn't a day there that I don't appreciate the water.

As I'm using water today, I'll be mindful of how precious it is.

(Photos: neighbor boy at the well, water buckets in our bathroom, and friend washing her hair in Nigeria. Note: there is plumbing but no running water.)

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