Thursday, May 20, 2010

No More Curfew in Jos

This just in from my fastest source of Nigerian news…the curfew in Jos has been lifted. Since the January crisis, people had to rush about, visiting friends and family only when the sun was shining, hurrying at the market to get home before it was a crime to be outside. Now, people can move freely, relying on their internal clocks rather than military and/or police with AK-47s to tell them when to come and go. The pre-dawn calls to prayer can once again blare over the loudspeakers to usher in each new day. Here’s to a new day!

Let’s all clap for Nna, Dr. Chris’s nephew, for his up-to-the-minute facebook updates. (Photo of me with Nna and his mother, Patricia, Dr. Chris's sister.)


  1. i'm not surprise at your work Erika, we still thank God for everything for he knows best. thanks

  2. Yes, we thank God, for He is faithful.