Friday, May 14, 2010

Looking for Boaz

This week’s Colorado Christian Writers’ Conference has been filled with snow, classes, appointments with agents and editors, snow, interesting people, applicable learnings, and more snow. In addition to networking, my main goal is to find a right-fit agent or editor to help my book not only get polished and published, but promoted and put into people’s hands and hearts.

Dr. Chris is praying for me to find my Boaz. That’s right. Someone like the rich landowner who first noticed Ruth, then saw her situation, nourished her, protected her, and entered into a covenant that benefited them both. His advocacy secured her future. Yes, a Boaz is just what I need. God willing, my future contract with the right agent or editor will bless everyone involved in the process, the entire Faith Alive Family, and all those who read the book.


  1. We are always praying for you and God will always make a way for you all time.

  2. Thank you, dear brother Daniel.