Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Drugs For Life

I don't want to be a downer today, but I just have to comment on The New York Times’ lead story yesterday: “At Front Lines, AIDS War Is Falling Apart.” It reminds us that we can’t check “Fight AIDS” off our to-do list, as if it were just a trendy, short-term project. This battle is going to last at LEAST for my lifetime, and people's lives depend on our involvement. Some of those people are my dear friends.

The article quotes one AIDS worker describiing what it’s like to not know where future funding will come from for lifesaving medications. “It feels horrible. Sometimes you wonder if you’re doing people favors. You start them on drugs, you give them hope, and then you’re not sure you can keep it up. We all knew these drugs are for life.”

PLEASE keep Faith Alive in your prayers for a speedy transition to a new PEPFAR provider. And as always, continue to choose hope.

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