Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Best Nurses Are At Faith Alive

Dr. Chris says, "I thank God for the wonderful angels in white He has given us at Faith Alive."

For over 30 years, May 12 has been International Nurses’ Day in honor of Florence Nightengale’s birthday. But at Faith Alive, it was just the beginning of a fun-filled week to recognize the ministry of nine important nurses. My friend, Nurse Caroline, said that last week they gave the staff their medical check-ups, handed out small toiletry gifts to their clients, and went into the neighborhood to raise awareness of HIV prevention and treatment. They also showed a documentary about nurses, enjoyed a drama, cultural show, and dinner, and even played an exciting soccer game with the staff. The final score was 1-1, but each nurse was a winner.


  1. it was a wonderful celebration by faith alive family via the Nurses. we all thank God for he is doing here through our beautiful angels

  2. Yes, they are angels indeed!