Monday, June 27, 2011

15th Anniversary Celebration Part 2: Honoring Sally

Bosas (Praise God!) for Sally, Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria’s founding U.S. Coordinator, who recently retired from this position after a decade of faithful service. Read Dr. Chris’s words of thanks and honor:

"Our dear Sally, on behalf of my family, Faith Alive Family in Nigeria and worldwide, we sincerely wish you a happy birthday. As part of the nurse's week at Faith Alive and our 15th Anniversary we celebrated you and your accomplishments. The nurses' week began on Monday and it has been wonderful--Faith Alive has one of the best set of nurses in the world and I am proud of them. The patients had gifts this morning and celebrated with us. This afternoon it will (be with) staff. We now have SALLY BARLOW M&E/SI ROOM , named after you. (Sally Barlow Monitoring & Evaluation/Strategic Information Room). We are very proud of you and your accomplishments. I told the board/EXCO how your computer room was always "fixed" for FAF and how you always fixed things for FAF."

Way to go, Super Sally!

(Photos of her home office, new sign at Faith Alive.)

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