Monday, June 20, 2011

Garage Sale Part 2

Thanks to everyone who donated to or shopped at last Saturday's garage sale, we raised...(drumroll here)...$674! That's $174 more than we raised at last year's sale to benefit Faith Alive. Unlike the prior week, the shoppers came out in full force. What a joy to see them arrive in pickup trucks, vans and SUVS, hop out and scour the unpriced treasures. "How much do you want for this?" they asked. I sized them up (sorry, profiling) and responded with a deal they could not refuse. Note to anyone else hosting a garage sale: it's much easier to wheel and deal than spend hours putting on price tags.

To those of you who donated time, items or prayers, Faith Alive's founder and coordinator Dr. Chris says: “You all continue to encourage us over here in Nigeria with all you do in various ways even with lots of burden facing us as a nation that we can together make some difference in the lives of others especially the less privileged. Thank you for being part of Faith Alive family.” Amen.

(For you regular readers, sorry that I'm behind on my spiritual themes. I hope to catch up soon, especially with May's theme about "Fiery Trials.")

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