Monday, March 7, 2011

Super Sally

A little over a week ago, Faith Alive's U.S. Coordinator Sally Barlow (from Albuquerque) visited Fort Collins. Russ McCahan invited her here for a board meeting of a Faith Alive U.S. Foundation that he's putting together for fundraising. I'll pass along more information as the board develops, but for now it was great to spend time with Sally.

In addition to talking about all-things Nigeria, she and I discussed the details about Faith Alive's U.S. Coordinator role. She's asked me to take that position from her and I want to make sure I fully understand what it involves before saying yes. In the meantime, she sent me oodles of emails with details. This week I plan to drink a lot of tea while reading everything, figuring out how this new role fits with all-things Faith Alive, and praying to be open to how God wants to best use me to continue to support Faith Alive.

I think I speak for Dr. Chris and Faith Alive in giving a major shout out to God for Sally's many years of hard work and support.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity. Please let us know if you decide to take it!

  2. Thanks Heidi. I'll definitely take it after I clearly define the "it." :-)