Monday, June 13, 2011

Garage Sale Part 1

Wow--last Saturday the sun shone, the neighbors reconnected and the garage sale shoppers...well, they had their pick of dozens of sales in Fort Collins. Great for them, but not so much for us sellers. So, I plan to hold another sale this Saturday from 8am - noon and, like Uncle Sam, I need YOU to shop and donate items. If you have clean items in working order (no clothes or electronics more than two years old, please), you can bring them to my house this Friday between 5-8 pm. (If you need directions, feel free to email me at I'll have a greeting card for the Nigerian Faith Alive family for you to sign and some snacks and beverages for you to enjoy. You'll also get first dibs on the brand-new Waterpik showerheads (great Father's Day gifts, by the way).

If I were a cheerleader (and twenty years younger!), I'd don a green and white uniform (Nigeria's colors) and shout: "Give me an F, give me an A, give me an I, give me a T, give me an H, give me another A, give me an L, give me another I, give me a V, give me an E. What does it spell? FAITH ALIVE!!!!!!!”

Come on, Northern Colorado team, let's do what we can to support our favorite Nigerian hospital and raise even more than we did at last year's garage sale. They're in dire need of some supplemental lifesaving AIDS medications for their increasing number of AIDS' patients.

(Anyone know why Uncle Sam looks so mad? Personally, I respond better to a smile and words of encouragement.)

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