Monday, June 27, 2011

15th Anniversary Celebration Part 3: Honoring Nurses

I know, this is unprecedented--three blog posts in one day--but there's so much great news from Faith Alive! In addition to announcing the Faith Alive Institute to address the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals and honoring Super Sally, Dr. Chris enjoyed "Nurses' Week." Activities included:

Monday--the nurses gave free physicals to the staff

Tuesday--the nurses handed out small gifts to the patients (things like soaps and toiletries)

Wednesday--the nurses showed a documentary on nursing and enjoyed songs, dancing, games and prayers with the staff

Thursday--the nurses enjoyed a special program with the staff in conjunction with Faith Alive's 15th anniversary

Friday-- the nurses hosted a guest speaker addressing HIV management

Saturday--the nurses enjoyed a staff picnic

Let's join Dr. Chris, Faith Alive and all of us who have benefited from great nurses to offer prayers of thanksgiving!

(Photo of Dr. Chris with the nurses.)

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