Friday, August 6, 2010

Global Leadership

This week I’m attending Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit (via satellite in Loveland). It’s a great opportunity to learn from Christian (and a few secular) leaders about leadership principles, how to coach a winning team, and listening to God’s promptings.

What I find most exciting is that the summit will be seen this year in over 70 countries, including my own beloved Nigeria. It’ll be broadcast in Jos on November 12 and 13. Nigerians will get to hear from Pastor Bill Hybels, Businessman Jim Collins, Coach Tony Dungy, and Pastor T.D. Jakes.

Jakes is going to talk this afternoon about Combustible Passion. He says, “"The challenge of the believer is to take the faith that you got in here and take it to the place out there." Because if we don’t put our faith into action in the world, what good is it, really?

(Photo of T.J. Jakes)


  1. I loved the idea of "Combustible Passion" - what a great to put it; hope the conference is good!

  2. Thanks! Actually the title of Jakes' talk was much more exciting than his presentation. However, there were some other great speakers.

  3. Sometimes that happens, eh! :( Glad there were other speakers that were good!