Friday, February 5, 2010

Still Writing (and Re-Writing!)

I heard an author say recently that the writing part is easy. It’s the re-writing (and re-writing, and re-writing, etc.) that’s hard. Amen to that!

I’m not sure how to answer people when they ask about the book I’m writing about Faith Alive. When I say “I’m learning how long it takes to get five really good pages,” I imagine they think I move at a snail’s pace (not true). My new answer is “I’m working two different tracks at the same time – one is the actual writing, and the other is the publishing.” My Goal List has a line down the middle, with “Christian Writers’ Conference, May 2010” at the bottom. The left side lists the three REALLY well written, fully polished chapters I’ll need to submit to agents at the conference. The right side lists the promotional items I’ll need (REALLY well written 25-page book proposal, complete with market analysis, and a professionally developed website and business cards).

So feel free to ask me about my book. Just let me know if you want the short answer, “It’s coming along well,” or the longer version.

On another note, I heard that Russ arrived in Jos yesterday, and that Holly had a bit of stomach ailment (hopefully short-lived). Also, prayers are still very much appreciated for Daniel and Rahila. He said, “We are passing through a very hard time” after the loss of their baby daughter.

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