Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homesick for Nigeria

I’m not sure if the correct term is homesick or heartsick, but I’m certain that I REALLY miss being in Nigeria with my friends. So much so that I’m considering a trip there this spring to reconnect. My excuse, albeit a valid one, is that I need to talk in person with Drs. Chris and Mercy about my book proposal and opening chapters before I meet with potential literary agents in May.

Plan A, which trumps everything else, is to be available for Daniel and little Chris if and when the heart surgery gets approved. Rob at Gift of Life International says the approval process takes months, and it’s already been three. Please pray that the answer is “yes,” and that’s it’s sooner rather than later.

Plan B, which I’m just exploring, is to go to Nigeria this spring (don't faint, Mom and Dad!). I appreciate prayers for discernment about my possible trip. Holly has paved the way, being the first U.S. visitor since the January crisis in Jos. Praise God, she’s on her way home after a safe and meaningful experience.


  1. You are always welcome at anytime

  2. Hi Erika -- I met Dr. Chris in New York in January, and I'm a national magazine writer looking at doing a piece on Faith Alive. Can you please let me know the best way to contact you? Sally Barlow suggested I do so...

    I'm at Thanks,

    Megan Feldman