Monday, September 14, 2009

Stuck in Abuja

No wonder people in Africa say 'God willing' after stating their plans. Instead of being in New York right now, Mark and I are at the Savanna Suites in Abuja. Our flight on Delta last night was cancelled due to 'mechanical problems' and we are rescheduled to fly out tonight, God willing. If not, we may see Dr. Chris in Abuja tomorrow as he prepares for his trip to the U.S..

We've chosen to view this extra time in Nigeria as a learning opportunity. So far we've learned two things. 1) Faith Alive treats us SO well; it puts the hotel to shame. For breakfast here I ordered eggs, sausage, and fruit, only to be told that their eggs, sausage, and fruit 'are exhausted.' So I had chips (french fries) and fried plantain instead and waited about an hour to be served. 2) Delta is not a good airline. I flew to Nigeria with a team from Nativity Church in Maryland, and they received almost NONE of their luggage. The airplane had also run out of toilet paper before landing in Abuja. Now we are going to travel for three days instead of the two long days we'd expected, and we don't have the things we need (shampoo, extra clothes, etc.). Kai!

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