Monday, September 7, 2009

Anyone Hungry?

What do lions like to eat? Yes, people, but they also appreciate goats. We were honored with a personal tour of the zoo by Dr. Ben’s brother Solomon who’s temporarily working there. The highlight, as gruesome as it was, consisted of him throwing live goats over the lions’ fence (one for each adult lion, and a half a dead goat for the cubs). Fascinating, actually, but very sad to hear the goats’ last cries. Hands down, the best zoo tour I’ve ever had.

Speaking of eating (in Nigeria it’s called ‘chopping’), we are being fed very well. Generally we have what Nikki Burks calls ‘mystery meat’ to put on our pasta or rice. But Baba, our cook, also has some newer dishes. When I ask what’s for dinner, he jokingly says ‘ask the pot.’ We’ve had Shepherd’s Pie, Macaroni and Cheese to rival anyone’s (has hard boiled eggs in it), and Curry Chicken. He generally also offers us fruits (bananas, papayas, and pineapples) and vegetables (beans, carrots, and cabbage) to round out our diet. On special occasions we have pancakes for breakfast (and not made from a mix!). I asked one time if there was a special occasion for that, and he said he didn’t have enough bread for toast. Hmmm…I’m thinking of hiding the bread.

Saturday evening we ate at a very fancy Chinese/Lebanese restaurant. It’s aptly named Hill Station because it’s on a hill overlooking Jos. There are linen tablecloths, folded napkins, and warm washcloths to clean our hands with before dining. Quite a contrast to the surrounding poverty and hunger, but a welcome treat nonetheless. Our hosts were Clement (a lawyer) and his wife Kate (headmistress of Elim Elementary School). Clement had just returned from giving a weeklong training about advocating for children’s rights in the court system. They’re a well-matched couple with a shared vision to do God’s work.

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