Friday, September 11, 2009

In Denial

Kai,we only have two more days until we begin our journey back to Colorado! I'm in the first stage of grief. Denial tells me I could simply pack my Nigerian brothers and sisters in my luggage or just return in a few months. Others are also afflicted with denial -- Pastor Thomas scheduled me to give a devotion next week to which Dr. Chris replied "Obama has given us permission to use the presidential jet to fly Erika back for that!"

When reality takes over, I'll have to start saying my saanjimas (Hausa for see you later). God willing, I'll continue to come to Faith Alive until I'm an old woman who has to be wheeled out of the airplane!

Also God-willing, Mark and I will be home late Monday evening. After that, I hope to post a lot more photos on this blog (although this will be the ONLY one where Mark and I wear matching outfits!).

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