Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A New Normal

I have a new normal. As a Victims’ Advocate for the police department, I see many grieving people who just want life to get back to normal. It’s part of my role to help them focus on the future, on a new normal, after they’ve grieved the past. They’ll have a new personal time marker, as in ‘before …’ or ‘after…’, similar to how the world dates B.C. and A.D..

While my overall Nigerian experience is one of joy and not grief, I DO have a sense that there’s no turning back time. My marker is my first trip to Faith Alive in 2008. I no longer have an American life or an African life, but a single life and worldview that bridges the two. My first time back I really struggled with this (for at least six months!), but now it’s much easier to transition back and forth between the cultures (thank God!). It’s just simply part of who I am now. It’s my new normal.

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