Monday, February 13, 2012

Spiritual Theme: We Will Reap

Do you ever wonder if “doing good” does any good?

Below are Pastor Ben's words about Faith Alive's January Spiritual Theme and verse: "Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” (Galatians 6:9, TNIV)

“God said this is our year of reaping. With such declaration we wait and prepare with eager expectations. God does not forget any bit of our labor of love. The scripture above gives us two major admonitions about things we must NOT do in order to reap the harvest:

1. Do not become weary in doing good. There is every tendency to become wearied if we fail to heed this admonition. Weariness retards the quality/quantity of our harvest. We become wearied probably because no one appreciates us, no one sees us, no instant rewards appear, we fear the unknown, we want to explore other new ideals, etc. Are you becoming tired of the good you started? God is saying no, don’t for any reason be tired; the harvest time is near.

2. Do not give up. Weariness most times leads to giving up and that stops the flow and breaks the cycle of good. For there to be a continuous harvest, there must be a continuous sowing. Harvest stops when and where sowing stops. So for our reaping to continue to eternity, there must be consistency in sowing as the bible also instructed; “sowing your seeds in morning and in the evening also do not withhold for you; we don’t know what the day shall bring forth.” We give up for many reasons but there are two major fundamental reasons: weariness and too much harvest that brings about pride of depending on the past glory and achievement. When that happens, relaxation /idleness set in and our next season is left without harvest. We give up also because of the sufferings and frustrations we go through during sowing. But Jesus considered the reward/harvest ahead so that he neglected the shame/pains of the cross. So we are hereby admonished not to give up at any point for any reason.

Our prayer is that you will not fail to reap the harvest of your good works this year. It does not stop at you, but goes beyond you.”

Pastor Ben, I pray this also for you, especially as your words from God spread like seeds around the world through this blog. May our faithful God shower you with an abundant harvest. Your labor of love is not in vain.

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