Monday, February 20, 2012


I’m officially on puppernity leave. On Saturday, Mark and I became the proud parents of a 10-week-old ShihPoo puppy. Other than only getting three solid hours of sleep last night, I enjoy watching new life romp around and smelling that delicious puppy breath (really).

Now it’s time to give her a proper name. I thought of Holly, a knock-off of the Holy Land that we recently visited, but that didn’t seem to fit her. Mark suggested that we look in our cupboard and name her after a spice, like Pepper, but I didn’t like that. So, what unique name could we, active in Nigeria, give a coal-black puppy? I think we might name her Jossy (rhymes with Glossy), after Jos, Nigeria. According to Dr. Chris, Jos stands for Jesus Our Savior. Yeah, that sounds good.

Now we just need to convince Toby, our 12-year-old Silky Terrier, that it’s okay to have a baby sister.

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