Friday, February 24, 2012

Buying a Brothel?

Yep, you read that right. Faith Alive has the opportunity to purchase property about a block away from the main hospital. The land, currently housing a place of questionable repute, is directly next to FA’s rec center for children. The two properties combined are an ideal location for a future teaching hospital, or what Dr. Chris refers to as “A Mayo Clinic in Africa.”

Recently, the city’s main teaching hospital moved to the edge of town, making people travel up to an hour and a half. I know, because one Sunday last August I rode along with a friend’s son whose emergency required us to take that long journey over a cratered road that slowed the car’s speed to a weaving crawl. Praise God, we reached the hospital in time to put the child on oxygen and iv fluids. Someday Faith Alive will have top-quality equipment for children and a pediatrician on call during emergencies.

In order to buy this new property, we need to purchase the land by the end of this month. Impossible? Not with God! If you’re interested in contributing or want more information, contact Russ McCahan, Faith Alive Foundation-USA’s leader, at, 970-218-7200.

(Photo taken by Craig Fitzgerald. Woman in photo is a Faith Alive volunteer and not associated with the brothel.)

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