Monday, January 31, 2011

Little Chris Will Be a Big... I asked him yesterday if he wanted a brother or sister, and he said adamantly, "A baby BOY." His dad, Daniel, said that last week's answer was "a baby girl," and still other times it's "a dog." Hmmm...I don't think that'll happen, although any of the three would eventually be able to play ball with little Chris. For now, though, the baby's practicing his or her kicks inside mommy Rahila's expanding middle, hopefully until April. They're waiting for a sonogram to confirm the due date so they can make plans for a C-section.

Unfortunately, at this time last year, little Chris's baby sister didn't survive childbirth. Please join me in prayers for safe passage in the streets for Rahila to go to the hospital for her scan, a safe delivery when the time is right, and a healthy mother and baby--boy or girl.

On another note, little Chris plans to start back at school today after the Christmas holiday. Nigerian schools took a longer than normal break to allow adults to register for the April Presidential election. Reprisal violence, expected to last until the elections, still sporadically interferes with daily life and people are careful about avoiding unfriendly areas.

(We look forward to seeing an updated family photo with four beautiful faces.)

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