Monday, January 10, 2011

Save-A-Life Update

Save-A-Life (SAL) is personal sponsorship program for HIV+ patients at the Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria. For just 50 cents a day (or $183 a year), you can literally save a person's life; the money has gone toward buying his or her antiretroviral medications. Thanks to a major donor, we're able to expand this one-on-one program. Read the letter that SAL sponsors and donors received last week:

"On behalf of Dr. Chris Isichei, founder and leader of the Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria, we wish you a Happy New Year and pray that the holidays were a time of drawing closer to God.

We also say NAGODE (“thank you” in Hausa, a prominent Nigerian tribal language) for your continued and loyal support of the precious Nigerian people living positively with HIV/AIDS. God has truly blessed them in this past year through trials (spates of violence throughout the year) and joys (the recent graduation of computer, sewing, and knitting students, many of whom are HIV+). Of the 176 SAL patients, all are doing well on their medications and only one, who had difficulties adhering to his medications, passed away. His sponsor was notified. May he rest in peace.

There are also joys and trials with the SAL personal sponsorship program. The very best news is that there is a major donor that has agreed to at least temporarily provide the lifesaving antiretroviral medications for our SAL patients. We don’t know how long this will continue—6 months or 2 years—and promise to keep you updated. The worst news is that many of our SAL patients experience opportunistic infections like malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis because of their weakened immune systems. Others, who need specialized surgeries that cannot be performed free of charge at Faith Alive, are denied treatment elsewhere because of lack of funds. Still others desperately need supplemental vitamins which we would like to provide for them through Faith Alive.

Therefore, for 2011 we ask that you prayerfully consider continuing to sponsor your patient(s). The $183 per patient will go toward either: 1) their antiretroviral medications if the major donor can’t continue funding, or 2) a fund for SAL patients to access when their other medical needs arise (antibiotics, vitamins, surgeries, etc.). We will assume that this is acceptable to you unless you let us know otherwise.

SAL’s purposes remain the provision of lifesaving medications for HIV+ patients at Faith Alive and also raising funds for their HIV-related needs. May we, through God’s grace, continue to provide for our brothers and sisters across the ocean and in our hearts.

Choosing hope in Jesus Christ,
Erika Nossokoff (Coordinator) & Sara Hunt (Financial Administrator)"

If you have any questions or want to donate to the SAL fund, please email me at

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