Monday, January 3, 2011

Soccer Club Party

Joshua, on staff at Faith Alive and a leader with the Faith Alive young men’s soccer team, sent me some photos of their December year-end party. He says, “it was glorious.” It looks like they celebrated in a common Nigerian fashion—with thanksgiving, prayers, cake and Coke. On a sadder note, one of the young player’s father’s died in a Christmas eve bomb blast at a nearby marketplace. Please keep his family in your prayers.

On another note, I made a new year’s resolution to focus on writing the rest of my book of inspiring personal stories about the Faith Alive Hospital. In order to create time for that, I plan to just post blog entries on Mondays. I’m grateful for all of you who check in daily, and hope that this change won’t be a problem. If you’re itching to read more about Faith Alive, consider reading any of the 274 posts from 2010 or the 101 from 2009.

(Cake and informal photos courtesy of Joshua, blue uniform photo courtesy of Frank Lozano in 2009.)

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