Monday, February 25, 2013

Thanks to my Writers' Group

Thanks to the Broad Horizons writers' group that's been with me every step of the way--from writing the first chapter to now publishing and marketing the Faith Alive book. Honestly, they have been my lifeline by walking me through first drafts, characterization, dialogue, flow, correct comma usage, strong verbs, and multiple rewrites. The best thing that they've offered me, though, is encouragement. 

This morning we celebrated that more than 770 books have already been sold (and that's before the publisher's official release date next month). I'm getting ready for my fifth speaking engagement later this week and would love to schedule a time to speak in person or via Skype with groups of any size.If you are part of a group that wants to hear how the powerful stories at Faith Alive can encourage your own life stories, please contact me via my author website ( Come to think of it, my talented writers' group gave me some editing suggestions for that site, so I'd better get to work. 

(Not pictured are Marie Burghard and former Broad Horizons members Heidi Windmiller and Joe McKeon. Broad Horizons--part of Northern Colorado Writers--you're awesome!)

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