Saturday, February 9, 2013

Africa Day at Webber Middle School

What little girl doesn't want to be like her big sister? Not me. I adored my senior sister, Charlotte, who grew up to become a music teacher (among other wonderful things). Yesterday I got my chance to be like her, although my teaching didn't include leading six-year-olds in a chorus of "Ten Galloping Ponies."

I taught to about 100 amazing seventh graders about the Faith Alive hospital in Jos, Nigeria. Their school hosted "Africa Day" as part of their interdisciplinary study on all-things African. Based on the video we watched about the hospital, my main points were:

1.  HIV/AIDS in Africa comes with a host of other problems
2.  The solutions need to be holistic
3.  You can make a difference (in Africa or elsewhere) because there are so many ways to use your unique talents to help

I don't know how much they'll remember about those three points, but I'm pretty sure that they've already told at least someone else about the 15 lb baby or the donated cow that was in 150 pieces on Faith Alive's basketball court in the recreation center.

Thanks to Diane Fromme for connecting me with Webber Middle School and her daughter Amy who watched with rapt attention. Amy's in the yellow shirt (photo above). You might also notice that I'm eating a sandwich in the background while watching the video; at least my husband didn't snap me while my mouth was open!

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