Monday, May 28, 2012

Children's Day 2012

According to Wikipedia, “Children's Day is celebrated on May 27 in Nigeria. It is a public holiday for Primary and Secondary school children. Depending on the state, a group of children are selected to march. The children are usually given treats such as an outing or doing jobs that adults would normally do. In some situations, primary and secondary school children compete in military parades format for a prize which will be given at the end of the competition. Religious groups in Nigeria also celebrate chlidren's in a ground style.” Okay, I followed that definition until I read “ground style.” No clue. Anyone? Given that “children’s” is misspelled, maybe “ground” is a typo for something else.

Regardless, it’s a great time to celebrate all of God’s children. Enjoy these snaps below (taken by  Rich and Cathy McDermott a few years ago) of some Nigerian children, and then click here to see how Faith Alive Hospital in Jos, Nigeria celebrated Children's Day two years ago.

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