Sunday, April 8, 2012

EPJ Center

Faith Alive Founder and Coordinator Dr. Christian Isichei and his family wish you all a happy Easter as they celebrate today their new gym and physical therapy center (almost 30 minutes from the Faith Alive Hospital in a newly settled Christian area called New Abuja). Named after their three children (Emily, Prince and Joseph), the EPJ Center is Dr. Chris’s first personal project since graduating from medical school in 1983.

Dr. Chris says that after his knee injury playing football (American soccer) with the Faith Alive staff, subsequent surgery and physical therapy in Baltimore a few years ago, “and all the lessons God taught me, like the psalmist it was good I was afflicted as I knew Him better.”

I’m amazed how Dr. Chris transforms negative experiences into positive ones. I shouldn’t be surprised, though, because he takes his lead from Jesus whose physical death didn’t have the last word—Praise God that He is risen!

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