Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We Bought a Brothel

That’s not something I’ve ever said, or even thought to say, before now. Faith Alive wanted the brothel property, just down the street from the main hospital and next door to Faith Alive’s recreation center, to expand into a full-scale teaching hospital. Founder and Coordinator Dr. Chris Isichei, with God’s faithfulness and the efforts of Faith Alive USA, Inc. run by Russ McCahan, is getting closer to the dream: an African Mayo Clinic based on the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota where Dr. Chris studied.

What will happen to the brothel staff? It’s up to them to accept or reject what Faith Alive offers them: free, holistic services that include HIV testing, counseling, rehabilitation, skills-training and jobs, as well as unconditional love and grace in the name of Jesus. Please pray for them to make the best decision. I’m sure that this is the beginning of at least a few transformative life stories for another book.

Thanks to everyone whose donations helped purchase the property and empower these women to set and reach new goals. While we have two-thirds of the money, we had to take out a loan for the final one-third. Donations are still gladly accepted. Click here for the address of where to send money so that you, too, can say that you bought a brothel. Doesn’t that feel better than telling people you bought a new smart phone or took an exotic vacation?

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