Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Faith Alive Foundations

Do you know the difference between Faith Alive Foundation-Nigeria and Faith Alive USA, Inc.?

FAF-N started in 1996, is Nigerian-led (Board of Directors that includes Dr. Chris Isichei, Founder and Coordinator) and operates in Jos, Nigeria with these statements:

Vision Statement: Faith Alive Foundation envisions a self-sustaining internationally recognized medical and social services center which meets the needs of humanity in a holistic way.

Mission Statement: To serve humanity by expressing God’s love through compassionate voluntary services and the provision of free holistic health care and social serves for improved quality of life.

FA USA, Inc. started in 2010, is American and Nigerian-led (Board of Directors that includes Russ McCahan, Dr. Chris Isichei and Sally Barlow) and operates in the United States with the mission to support approved projects at FAF-N. FA USA, Inc. is an offshoot of a foundation that began in the mid-2000s that has morphed into two current foundations—FA USA,Inc. and Hope for West Africa that supports a couple of Nigerian non-government organizations (including FAF-N).

In case you’re wondering where I fit, I am the U.S. Coordinator for FAF-N, a position created before FA USA, Inc. that coordinates visitors/volunteers, medical supplies and an array of other things that Dr. Chris needs. I also stay in close contact with both HFWA and FA USA, Inc. that are doing great work to support FAF-N.

Okay, enough acronyms. All you really need to remember are the thousands of people still living today because of these foundations rooted in Jesus Christ.

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