Monday, May 2, 2011

Kate's Presentation

Praise to God, Elim Elementary School Founder and Headmistress Kate blessed everyone who came to her presentation last Friday in Fort Collins about educating orphans, vulnerable children and girls in Africa. Actually, she blessed each person she met during her trip. Her biggest gift to us wasn't something that she bought or wrapped, but came from her deep faith in and daily walk with Jesus Christ. That gift was her prayers for us--for God to meet our deepest needs. She saw so many of us giving to others that she was concerned that we need to take good care of ourselves.

Thanks to all of you who welcomed her enthusiastically and started or continued to generously support God working through her to love and educate the next generation of Nigerians!

(Photos of her presentation, with the evening's helpers, and with two of our church's Pastors.)


  1. Glad to hear the evening was a success. Sorry we couldn't make it--I ended up having pet sits until 8 pm. Hopefully there will be a next time!

  2. No worries, Heidi. Feel free to ask the Maries, Diane or Kathleen about it. I'll be sure to let you know when Dr. Chris will be here next so that you can hear and meet him.