Sunday, April 10, 2011

Headmistress Kate and Dr. Prince are Here

The next best thing to being in Nigeria is to have a bit of Nigeria in our home. Mark and I are so happy to host both Kate (Elim Elementary School's Headmistress) and Dr. Prince (formerly with Faith Alive Clinic), whose visits just happened to overlap. We have been praying for some time now that Kate will be granted a U.S. visa (very difficult for Nigerians to get), and God has answered our prayers. She hopes to meet all of the wonderful people who donate to or sponsor orphans and vulnerable students at Elim. If you're in the northern Colorado area, please plan to hear her presentation about Educating Orphans, Vulnerable Children and Girls in Africa (April 29 at 6:30 pm at First Presbyterian Church, 531 S. College Avenue). Dr. Prince is here to advance his career by attending an American conference about treating HIV. Both Kate and Dr. Prince started volunteering at Faith Alive in its early years, and have nothing but praise to God for His faithfulness.

The snap is from church this morning, although my favorite part of the day was the early morning singing, praying, and devotion that we shared around our kitchen table. Hearing their Nigerian accents and feeling their strong faith, I closed my eyes and imagined being at Faith Alive...until I realized that it is more than a place. It is an international family.


  1. Good to hear your friends' visits are bringing such joy and blessings.

  2. Thanks! It's amazing to see the many blessings--both for them and for us.